Ma'anshan Zhu Genxiang visited Model Worker Innovation Studio

On November 28, Zhu Genxiang, chairperson of the Maanshan Port Trade Union, led human resources and model worker representatives to Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry to visit the model worker innovation studio. The two sides conducted extensive exchanges on craftsman spirit, model worker leadership, and corporate culture. Maanshan Port is one of the relatively close users of Nanjing Port Machinery Industry across provinces. Over the years, the two sides have established a profound friendship through multi-level co-construction and exchanges. This visit is the first visit after the new factory was put into use. After visiting the site, they were shocked by the development of Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry. When visiting the model worker innovation studio, the visiting model worker kept asking about the details of daily creation. Chairperson Zhu Genxiang said in the exchange: Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry has been recognized by everyone in the bidding of Maanshan Port Machinery. The supplier with the highest impression score has entered a virtuous circle. The two sides have entered a virtuous circle through exchanges. The simultaneous development of culture and operation has become a consensus of both parties. It is hoped that the two units will give full play to their respective advantages in the future Win together.




  The picture shows: Ma'anshan Port visits the exhibition hall of the model worker studio to discuss the annual work goals of the innovation studio team, the 1 + 1 + 1 talent training model and other systems

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