Yunnan Model Worker Innovation Studio came to Nanjing Port for study and inspection

On November 15, Jiao Zhigang, Vice Minister of the Labor and Economic Department of the Yunnan Federation of Trade Unions, led the leader of the provincial model worker studio and a group of 21 union cadres to Nanjing Port to inspect the establishment, innovation and talent training of the model worker innovation studio in Nanjing Port. Minister Zhang Hongxia of the Party and Mass Work Department of the Group, Deputy Minister Kan Jiajun, and Zhu Congbing, General Manager of Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry, and Zhu Ting, Executive Vice President, presided over the reception.

They focused on watching the exhibition hall of Nanjing Port Sha Xilan Model Worker Innovation Studio. In the comprehensive room of the Model Worker Studio, after the guests listened to Sha Xilan's experience and experience in the creation of the studio, everyone talked about talent flow, studio building, Sha Xilan "1 + 1 + 1" talent training model, etc. Face-to-face exchanges, guests from the Yunnan Federation of Trade Unions said one after another: This study and inspection did not come in vain, and the scriptures were obtained. On the road of building a strong country in intelligent manufacturing, Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry is ahead, Sha Xilan Model Worker Studio is exploring talent training measures and playing a leading role in model workers in daily work, making great contributions to enterprise product innovation and enterprise development Learning, model worker Sha Xilan is dedicated to her work in love, and her selfless dedication to the development of the enterprise is worthy of admiration.




  The picture shows: Visiting Yunnan guests have a discussion at Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry

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