Nanjing Gangqi Heavy Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Enterprise Quality Credit Report


1. Preface to the report

Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Nanjing Port Machinery Factory) was established in 1958. It is a state-owned enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture, installation, renovation and maintenance of large-scale port machinery under Nanjing Port (Group) Co., Ltd. The company is located in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 292 acres, with a wharf coastline of 150 meters and a registered capital of 500 million yuan. The company has always been committed to "making port machinery better, better and stronger, and revitalizing the national equipment manufacturing industry", adheres to the business philosophy of "creating a brand with quality and seeking development with integrity", actively innovates management ideas, optimizes product structure, promotes transformation and upgrading, and implements famous brand strategy. At present, the company sells 80 sets of port machinery equipment annually, with an annual output value of more than 600 million yuan. The main products cover my country's Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and other seaports and major inland ports, and some products are exported to South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other countries.

The company has the ability to design, manufacture and install all kinds of lifting machinery by itself, has six-span steel structure indoor manufacturing workshop, two-span assembly workshop and two-span machining workshop and sixteen functional areas of business, and is equipped with a variety of professional equipment. Hundreds of units, including one 330t final assembly door machine, one 200t gantry crane, two 75t indoor truss cars, eight 50t indoor truss cars, two 16t indoor truss cars, one 32t, one 20t truss car, multiple 10t truss cars, etc. On November 30, 2017, all the employees of the old factory were transferred to the new factory. The new factory covers an area of nearly 400 mu. The annual capacity will reach 185 units after delivery, and the output value will reach 2 billion yuan. The company will become an important port machinery manufacturing base in my country. The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of professional talents. Among all the staff, professional and technical personnel account for 25% of the total number of employees, and technical workers account for 40% of the total number of employees. Among them, 8 senior engineers and 33 engineering and technical personnel have obtained master's qualifications.

The main products are: port gantry cranes, shore container cranes, gantry cranes with buckets, general gantry cranes (gantry cranes), track-type container gantry cranes, tire-type container gantry cranes, boom-type bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer, loading and unloading bridges, fixed cranes, floating cranes, gantry cranes, dock cranes, bridge cranes, port tractors, flatbed trucks and other series of products, as well as various non-standard port machinery such as stackers, ship loaders, unloaders, belt machines, etc. At the same time, it can also produce various lifting and transportation machinery that customers have special requirements.

At present, the company's products are distributed in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and 13 door machines were exported to Indonesia in batches in 2011, winning the trust of customers with excellent performance, reasonable price, reliable quality and good after-sales services. The products produced by the company have obtained licenses issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in accordance with national laws and regulations. The manufacturing license number is TS2410869-2016, and the installation, renovation and maintenance license number is TS3410020-2016.

On the basis of implementing the State Council's "Outline for Quality Revitalization", the company fully implements quality management. In 2000, it obtained the 94 version of the quality system certificate issued by the China Classification Society Quality Certification Company, and successfully realized the conversion certification in 2003 and 2008 respectively. Certification, bringing various management into the track of standardization and legalization.

1. Quality Policy

Safety first, people-oriented, quality first, green development

2. The meaning of quality policy:

Safety first: leadership has one post and two responsibilities, safety is more important than Mount Tai, and safety is benefit.

People-oriented: Customer is God, and the needs of customers are the pursuit of the enterprise; employees are the driving force for the development of the enterprise, and seeking benefits for employees is our development direction.

Quality first: Quality is the life of an enterprise. To let all employees firmly establish the idea of quality first, an enterprise can only win the market by producing high-quality products.

Green development: Development is the last word. Only by continuously improving technical processes and constantly developing new products that meet environmental requirements can enterprises remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

3. The company's quality goals

The factory pass rate of the product is 100%;

The one-time pass rate of product supervision and inspection is ≥ 95%;

Customer satisfaction rate ≥ 90%;

Major quality and safety accidents are 0.

2. Body of the report

Since the 1990s, the port machinery industry has developed at an unprecedented rate. China's port crane manufacturing has achieved intellectual property autonomy and product serialization, and has successfully entered international markets such as Europe, North America, South America, and South East Asia. However, under the influence of the financial crisis, a number of small and medium-sized enterprises have been eliminated, and the port machinery industry has gradually matured.

At this stage, international trade is steadily recovering, and the global demand for port construction, especially infrastructure construction in developing countries, is growing steadily. The growth of port throughput drives the construction and expansion of terminals, and also stimulates the new demand for port machinery. Port machinery relies on the development of international trade and port construction, and the market demand will still show a steady growth trend in the future.

On the other hand, the implementation of the "Belt and Road Initiative" strategic plan and the construction of the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area have brought opportunities for the re-development of major domestic ports. As the state continues to increase construction and investment in domestic water transportation, coastal transportation and inland water transportation will continue to develop steadily and rapidly. It is expected that the new construction and expansion projects of my country's ports, especially inland ports, will further increase in the future, and the overall performance of domestic inland port machinery is still far behind that of advanced port machinery. Large-scale, fully automated, environmentally friendly, and informatization will become the new development trend of the port machinery industry in the future. The increase in quantity and the demand for quality improvement will bring a new round of growth to the port equipment market in the future.

With the accumulation of decades of design and manufacturing experience and the pursuit of excellence in product quality and performance, the company has established a complete management system in the manufacture of port loading and unloading equipment, and has formed a unique advantage in product technology research and development, quality management, etc..

In terms of quality management, the company has compiled the "Quality Assurance (Management) Manual" according to TSGZ0004-2007 "Basic Requirements for Quality Assurance System for Special Equipment Manufacturing, Installation, Transformation and Maintenance", GB/T19001-2016 "Quality Management System Requirements" and "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment" (State Council [2010] No. 549). At the same time, the company has established quality management, occupational health and safety and environmental management systems with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 systems as the basic requirements. In the process of product production, the construction is strictly in accordance with the process requirements, and the quality management, first inspection system, process failure punishment and other systems are implemented. Reliable quality management and manufacturing capabilities ensure the quality of each large port loading and unloading equipment. Over the years, the company's products have not had a serious equipment accident caused by equipment quality, and the reliable product quality has also been widely recognized by users and the market..

In terms of technology research and development, the company has established a model worker innovation studio and technology research and development center with Comrade Sha Xilan, a national model worker, as the core. On the one hand, through independent research and development, technology introduction, joint development, new technology application and other methods, the operation efficiency, performance parameters, energy saving and environmental protection effects of existing products are continuously improved, and the technical advantages and economic added value of existing mature products are improved. On the other hand, combined with the market demand for diversified loading and unloading equipment, the company has gradually developed site loading and unloading machinery represented by container gantry cranes, installation gantry machines for shipyards, continuous environmental protection bulk cargo loading and unloading equipment, etc., which has continuously enriched the company's product categories, and has gradually realized the diversification of products. In terms of informatization, the company adopts unified planning and implements the overall principle step by step. In terms of manufacturing informatization, the company has Tsinghua Tianhe CAD and Solidwork drawing software, port machinery optimization design, parametric design software, and PLDM drawing management software; in terms of safety production process management, there are centralized blanking and nesting software, ERP production management software, sales e-platform, procurement management system, safety management system, Kingdee system, etc. It is also widely used in product informatization applications, such as intelligent centralized control of products, remote automation of yard equipment, remote fault diagnosis, safety monitoring, crane online health monitoring, etc.

In terms of knowledge resources, the company has obtained a total of 13 patents, including 10 utility model patents and 3 invention patents. The company has successively won 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 1 third prize of the China Port Association Science and Technology Progress Award

In terms of safety management, the company adheres to the implementation of three simultaneous, highlights the idea of controlling from the source, and clearly stipulates the specific requirements of the project feasibility study, labor safety and health pre-evaluation, labor safety and health acceptance evaluation, and completion acceptance; so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous and harmful factors and improve the ability to control accidents and hazards. Efforts are made to improve occupational health and safety conditions. At the same time, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection, a full-time department, continuously reviews and supervises the safety and reliability of new processes, new technologies, new equipment and new products in the company's development process. Emergency response: The company builds an emergency organization in accordance with relevant national laws, determines responsibilities, prepares various emergency plans, and regularly organizes training, drills, summaries and evaluations, so as to improve the company's production safety awareness. Through standardized emergency actions, various emergency emergencies are included in the reliable scope, and the emergency response ability to deal with emergencies is continuously improved, and a safe, orderly and efficient production safety system has been established.

3. Concluding remarks of the report

In order to actively promote the company's transformation and development, improve product market share and branding impression, the company has formulated a famous brand development strategy and formulated main implementation measures. The details are as follows:

(1) Brand development ideas

Scientifically judge and accurately grasp the development trend, seize the important opportunities of global economic and technological development and China's industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, as well as the national "Belt and Road Initiative", the development plan of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the construction of the manufacturing base of Hong Kong Machinery Heavy Industry, take the market as the guide, take structural adjustment as the main line, actively promote market development, product expansion, manufacturing upgrading, management improvement, and talent improvement strategies, consolidate and enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, create a world-class port machinery manufacturing brand, and comprehensively promote Nanjing Port Machinery to achieve leapfrog development.

(2) Brand market positioning

Taking port crane manufacturing as the basic market, other port loading and unloading equipment and logistics, mechanical equipment as the expansion market, and product maintenance services as the supplementary market, we provide users with value services in the whole process of equipment design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and service.

(3) Main measures of brand strategy

1. Actively carry out market development work

(1) Increase market development efforts

Strengthen cooperation with design units, core suppliers, well-known universities and general contractors of port construction, and establish a community of interests integrating information, design, manufacturing, construction, use and maintenance. Subdivide sales areas, improve the account manager responsibility system, and formulate effective incentive policies for operating personnel agencies.

(2) Focus on cultivating overseas markets

Actively connect with the development trend of the world's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, make comprehensive use of the company's own sales network and sales chanel of domestic and foreign agency companies, and actively seek opportunities for cooperation with the world's advanced port machinery manufacturers or service providers, logistics companies, etc.

(3) Improve the after-sales services system

Clarify the requirements of after-sales services, sort out the after-sales services process, standardize the behavior of after-sales services, and promote the establishment of industry service standards. Strengthen service technology and informatization, actively develop an information system with intelligent services, realize remote fault diagnosis of port machinery video, and improve the level and efficiency of Enterprise Services.

(4) Increase the intensity of brand plastic creation

Give full play to the company's advantages of stable product quality, reliable performance and timely service, and integrate branding into all aspects of business management, R & D, production, and sales services. Expand brand communication through brand identification elements, exhibitions, web pages, professional magazines, corporate materials, large-scale promotion activities, etc.

2. Actively expand the product range

(1) Adjust the product structure and enrich the types of port cranes

While consolidating and expanding the traditional advantageous market advantages of portal cranes, increase the market development of products with high profits and large demand space, such as shore container cranes, site container cranes, and portal cranes with buckets.

(2) Increase the development of new products and the transformation of technological achievements

Relying on Lamo Innovation Studio, it focuses on the research and development of large-scale installation gantry cranes, tire container cranes, shore container cranes, and port machinery products with a high degree of green environmental protection and automation. And carry out in-depth research on container terminal automation system integration, automation control system, fault diagnosis system and other projects.

(3) Deepen the construction of technological innovation platform

Through the combination of independent research and development, multi-party joint research and development and technology introduction, it absorbs and learns advanced technologies in the industry, cultivates the technical capabilities of enterprises, ensures that the total number of patents increases year by year, and the level of patents is significantly improved. And make full use of the resources of relevant government departments and national policy support to actively promote the establishment of doctoral bases, the application of high-tech enterprises, and the establishment of advanced science and technology projects.

3. Actively promote the improvement of enterprise management

(1) Establish a modern enterprise management system in combination with the construction of a new factory

Based on the three systems of quality, occupational health and safety and environmental management, improve the management systems of market operation, production organization, quality control, human resources, finance, and safety.

(2) Establish a cost accounting center to strengthen project cost control

Establish a cost accounting center to strengthen the supervision and control of the procurement of raw materials in the manufacturing process, outsourcing costs, installation and transportation costs, and after-sales services costs for product sales projects, so as to provide a reliable basis for the company's cost control and project bidding price calculation.

(3) Strengthen the construction of information system and improve the level of management technology

Combined with the production organization and management process of the factory, make full use of the technical support of the information management platform financial management, human resource planning, Facility Management, project management and other systems, deepen the construction of Enterprise Resource Planning, and popularize the use of office assistance systems and video conferencing systems in daily management. Improve the efficiency of daily management.

4. Actively strengthen the construction of talent team

(1) Expand the excellent workforce and strengthen the construction of the core team

On the basis of the existing workforce, according to the growth rate of production scale, consolidate and gradually expand the workforce, strengthen the training of excellent managers, technicians and front-line operators, and ensure that the supply of human resources meets the development needs of enterprises.

(2) Innovate the talent training model and improve the quality of talent training

On the basis of introducing fresh graduates, mentoring and apprenticeship training and other traditional talent training methods, with the construction of innovative scientific and technological talents and high-skilled talent teams as the guide, increase the external introduction of market development talents, technical talents in related fields, and international trade talents. And cooperate with scientific research institutes and universities to establish a high-end equipment industry alliance integrating "production, learning, research, and application" to improve the quality of talent training.

(3) Improve the performance mechanism and stimulate the vitality of employees

According to the principles of marketization and the advanced model of the industry, establish and improve the incentive mechanism, salary mechanism and performance appraisal mechanism to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise. For production, operation, sales and service departments, increase the link between wages and performance.

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