Zhenjiang direct take-up system put into use

Recently, the bulk cargo direct pickup system designed and manufactured by the company for users of Zhenjiang Port has been put into use. The system is equipped with 1 ship loader, 5 hoppers, and 400-meter belts. The construction personnel only took 10 days to complete the on-site final assembly and commissioning. On January 29, the communication connection, the coordination of the main control room and the system linkage test were completed at one time, and the no-load test was completed on the 30th.

"To achieve this progress in such a short period of time, Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry is undeniably a particularly effective team." This is Zhenjiang Port in charge of Facility Management, dealing with many equipment suppliers "Old Master" sighed. At present, the system has completed the loading and unloading construction of three 40,000-ton Helen ships in Zhenjiang East Port, and the system is operating normally.





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