Chairperson of Zhenjiang Gangfa Group inspected Nanjing Gangmai Heavy Industry

On September 26, Jing Tianxiang, chairperson of Zhenjiang Gangfa Group, and Hu Wenhui, general manager, and other 6 people went to Nanjing Port for work exchanges. After inspecting Nanjing Port Group Longtan Container Company, they inspected the company in Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry. Manufacturing level, after inspecting robot welding and 330 tons of large-scale installation door machines, the chairperson of Zhenjiang Gangfa Group said: Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry has great strength, and hopes that Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry will give full play to its advantages and have opportunities for cooperation in equipment procurement in the future. Zhang Qun, chairperson of HAECO Heavy Industry, also said: Under the guidance and support of the group, the company's capacity has been greatly improved, and we have the strength to meet the market demand. Tang Hongsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing Port Group, and Yang Lianhong, Vice President of the Group, were accompanied.




  The picture shows the exchange and cooperation projects between the two parties at the Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry Terminal

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