Face to face with the secretary district chief

On the afternoon of April 13, "Based on the Rise of the East, Showing the Rise of Su Businesspeople as" Su Businesspeople · Qixia - Secretary District Head Face-to-face and Industrial Investment Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting was held by Qixia District People's Government, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Xianlin University Town, and Jiangsu Provincial Soviet Businesspeople Development Promotion Association. The company was invited to participate in this meeting as 20 benchmarking enterprises in Qixia District.

Zhu Congbing, general manager of the company, attended the meeting on behalf of the company and interacted with the heads of relevant departments in Qixia District. At the meeting, Li Hui, secretary of the Qixia District Party Committee, delivered a speech on the strategy of developing and building "a city of innovation, a city of cultural tourism, a city of industry, and an ecological city" in eastern Nanjing. He recommended that the current business environment of Qixia District has formed the core competitiveness of attracting investment with the continuous deepening of the reform of "decentralization, management and services" represented by "no-meet approval".



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