Cranes essential for dock equipment

Nanjing Port Machinery Heavy Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional factory with qualifications for the design, manufacture, installation, transformation and maintenance of large-scale port machinery (container machinery _ port loading and unloading machinery _ terminal equipment) in China. Nanjing, a famous historical and cultural city.

Since the establishment of the factory in 1958, the factory has taken "making port machinery better, better and stronger, and revitalizing the national equipment manufacturing industry" as its own responsibility. With the strong support of port users, it has optimized the product structure, promoted transformation and upgrading, and implemented a famous brand strategy. The products cover major ports along the river and coast of my country. Some products have been exported to Singapore, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other South East Asia countries; it has established a port machinery R & D center composed of more than 20 engineers and technicians with a master's degree or senior engineer titles; a number of innovation achievements have obtained practical patents, and a scientific research product has been issued by the China Port Association The first prize; established a diversified product sales network represented by more than ten types of products, including port portal cranes, bucket portal cranes, continuous ship unloaders, unloaders, stackers, grain suction machines, and shore container gantry cranes. Three core teams of outstanding engineering and technical personnel and experienced managers and skilled front-line operation staff have been tempered to ensure the sustainable development of the factory. With the ability to design, manufacture, install and develop new products. The products are mainly distributed in domestic and foreign seaports, inland ports and industrial and mining enterprises, and more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and exported to South East Asia countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh, etc.

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